2005-09-22 - 9:54 a.m.

Okay, here's more.

It's cold enough that I am wearing SOCKS, which is infinitely cheering, especially since I am about half an hour away from finishing the second of two socks. They are blue, and I worried that they'd be ugly and too big, but they are pretty and they fit. !!

I am excited, and I think I will now start a green pair.

I am already nostalgic for my neighborhood. I live in a pretty working class city, but my particular neighborhood is pretty middle class, and even kind of interesting. Houses are cheaper where I live, and you can get a nicer house and yard for much less money than we will be able to do in B. Also -- we've lived there 10 years, and I really like my neighborhood. Plus, I actually think it's getting nicer.

We're close to transit (2 kinds), and the freeway and Marin and the bikepath and the Sierras. (I mean, closer than we will be.) I know everybody, at least by sight. There's the seedy little triangle of flowers. There's the house with corn growing in their front yard. There are the great gardens that have sprung into life along Key Rte. There's the park, and the new park near the creek. There's the man who works for the city as a tree guy. His wife left him. There's the scary at Halloween house. There are our great neighbors.


I wish we could keep our house, but really, it's not practical and would just be a pain.

Okay. That is all.

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