2005-09-28 - 9:22 a.m.

Nora has her driver's permit.

I'm not sure if you know what this means. It means that she wants to drive everywhere, and because this is actually a reasonable idea, I let her.

We have only standard cars. There's a fair amount of stalling. Also, it's hard to get into third when you're also worrying about crashing into the cars parked on the side of narrow, twisting roads. Stop signs are a problem, especially when you then have to start going up a slight incline, and even more especially when you have to do that while turning.

Stopping at all is also a problem, especially if the person in the death seat has certain feelings about stopping behind the white line, or not running into cars stopped ahead of you at the light.

You can't get up much speed while in second, which is actually a good thing although probably not for the long line of cars stacked up behind us. Although we pull over regularly to let them pass, since it's even harder when you're worrying about them.

Otherwise, she's doing pretty well. She's been home from the DMV, home from the market, and all the way to school this morning.

I, however, am still shaking. Also, it seems to go better if all the windows are open. I guess I like to feel that I can escape if necessary.


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