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2005-10-03 - 11:01 a.m.


The biggest news is that I am sick. It happened yesterday as I was being driven around by Nora. I started feeling that horrible runny nose thing, and by the end of the day it was clear that I was sick. Now I can't breathe, and my nose is running, and I feel sort of ... tired.

This weekend, Nora went out Friday night with a friend to hear some local bands, but I picked her up at 11, just as the 9th graders were starting to play. Maddy went to the movies with M., to see Corpse Bride. (What a terrible name.) Saturday -- the kids did homework all day while we watched Rome and Napoleon Dynamite and Fight Club. I knitted part of a sock and did some laundry.

Saturday night Nora went to a birthday party -- lots of trials and tribulations about N. driving into town to buy a present, and then attempting to catch a bus that was no longer running to the party, so that I had to drive back into town to pick them up and take them to the party. The sunset was amazing, and we saw some deer. Maddy stayed home -- I'm not sure what we did, but then I picked N. and E. up and brought them back to our house to sleep over.

Sunday -- Maddy woke up early to snuggle with us. N and E woke up around 10:30 for breakfast. Nora had a driving lesson from 12 to 2, but really 12 to 3. It was pretty amazing -- she went all over the place and on the freeway and over the bridge to SF. There was too much traffic to come back, so she had to drive through town to the Golden Gate bridge, then to the Richmond bridge and then home.

Quite exhausting, although it was kind of fun to be in the back seat. I had nothing to do but look at the view, which was spectacular. It was an amazingly clear day and there were millions of sailboats out. She did a good job, I think.

Then -- she drove Kevin, and I drove Maddy, to a local waterside park (it's a little creepy -- it used to be a dump, and then a homeless encampment). We walked around and N. shot a roll of film. Their next assignment is something with shadows, and there were many shadows. K. went back to work, and N and M and I stopped for pizza on the way home. We got home and N. had to write a paper comparing Aristotle and Plato, and M. had to write a summary in Spanish of a newspaper article dealing with something in a Spanish-speaking country. Quite a lot, really, but they got it mostly done in time for ... Desperate Housewives, followed by Gray's Anatomy. Nora said, "I can't believe we are watching a doctor show." But we are.

Catie is right about Desperate Housewives. I find it very difficult to care about any of them, and they seem to be having all of the same problems only redistributed. But I sort of liked Gray's Anatomy. I'm sort of fond of them, somehow, and I like that Meredith and Sandra Oh were so -- I don't know -- direct about things.

Anyway. Driving around, first in Oakland and then in SF, made me realize that there are a zillion things to do here that we don't do -- go for hikes in Tilden, or go into SF to the museums or just to see things -- and we should. Kevin seems to have a bit more free time lately, so we should try to get out more -- even for just a few hours each weekend. It's pretty fun, once you do. The kids protest bitterly about enforced family time, but secretly they really like it. Ha ha. Actually, I think they do like it.

And now, I really am sick and I think I'll get some tea.


Also -- while I was driving around with Nora, Maddy finished her lab report (she calculated the circumference of the earth using a meter stick!) and decorated her doll house for Hallowe'en. It's amazing! Many years ago we made little femo vegetables, so she used those, and made some scarecrows to drape around their front yard, and made jack-o-lantern posters for their walls and little ghost streamers to hang from their ceilings and ... patterns and then half-cut-out costumes for the doll-house children. Plus, she practiced the piano.


Okay. That is all.

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