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2005-10-05 - 12:51 p.m.

I just got a call from the Chem tutor this morning, saying he thought Nora would be more better off in her friend E's class. Something about N.'s teacher kind of teaching to the AP test with little regard for whether students were understanding the material or not -- in fact, little regard for students at all.

Is it that Nora is just not ready for AP Chem?

No, she's ready -- it's just an incompatability of teaching style with her personality.

I know I'm her mother, but I think of her as being pretty bright --

It's not that she's not bright. It's that to do well in that class, it's much better to be aggressive than bright, and I don't think she's very aggressive. In fact, I think she doesn't have much self-confidence at all.

Ugh. So I have to talk to Nora about this, because it would mean swapping Chem and Photo (which is possibly doable -- I've acertained that there's room in Chem, but not in Photo, except that the Photo teacher said that Nora's Photo class is the largest she has ...) I've talked to her counseler, who says "no," but if Nora says yes, and if the Photo teacher says it's possible, I have to move on to the VP and then the P.

Poor Nora -- is she really so sad and lacking in confidence? Is her chem teacher really such a monster? The tutor said he didn't think Nora was very interested in the subject at all, but just a few weeks ago it was the subject she liked best. What is going on?

In further news, I think we really are moving. Maddy okayed it, as long as we move to the "house of her dreams." Yeah, no problem.

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