got to run!

2005-10-11 - 3:03 p.m.

Okay, here's more --

A sort of odd weekend. Saturday we didn't do much, although I did run out and get some plants. The theory is that they will look great in February. In fact, I think they will. Some milkweed and some coral bells and some other interesting things. A few red lobelia, and some currants that are tiny now, but hopefully will grow to be 6 ft. eventually.

Sunday, I actually planted them. (Go me!) and cleared up the front yard. The weather was glorious -- bright and warm. Tried to recycle but couldn't -- recycling center being "closed for illness."

Lately it feels nice to be taking care of details, and I'm not sure why this is.

Anyway. Then K. cycled off to work and the girls and I went house-hunting. By the end the girls were famished, so we stopped at a Chinese restaurant and ordered more food than we could eat in a month! It was impossible to restrain ourselves. Kevin met us there, and then he cycled home and we drove home and watched Rome and Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy.

Monday, Maddy had school but the rest of us didn't, so Nora avoided her homework (she was sick) while I worked in the yard and met with a painter and did laundry -- those sorts of things. It was pleasant. For dinner we had leftover Chinese food plus this exotic frozen meal that came in a box -- a steak to marinate and slice; vegetable to stir fry the steak with; soba noodles to eat with all of it. It was actually delicious.

Didn't sleep too well -- Worry over Nora, who apparently has a cold and is not returning to last year's surly self. Worry over house.

Anyway -- got to go.

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