2005-10-12 - 10:06 a.m.


This is the first day this week that feels semi-normal. Monday was Columbus Day. I stayed home in celebration and did laundry and planted native perennials. Tuesday I met the fence man, and Nora was sick.

I am thinking about Nora and her sicknesses. In general, she's not a kid who gets sick. She stays pretty well, and doesn't really let illness interfere with her life. So when she does get sick, I sort of wonder what the hell is going on. Last year she got sick a few times. When she does get sick, she really is sick -- you leave her at home and come back to find that she has slept the whole day, which to me implies true illness. This summer she was fine, and so far this year she's been fine. Just yesterday she was struck with illness. I made her go to the chem tutor anyway, and as I drove her there I remembered that in 4th grade, when we made her switch schools because the old one was located directly on the Hayward fault, she was sick a lot.

It could be new germs, but I think it's more likely that it's her way of coping with a stressful situation. She's a pretty shy and quiet person, and she keeps a lot to herself, and I think the strain of maintaining a normal appearance in a weird and scary situation takes its toll and then she gets sick.

It's also odd because Sunday night and then Monday she was a bit cranky, but when I picked her up at the train station on Tuesday, she apologized and said that she had been so crabby because she was sick.

Then she went to the tutor (after trying to get out of it) and it went fairly well, and then she was better.

I do also think that part of the problem was that she spent Friday night at her friend O's house. O's house is essentially free of parental supervision, and I'm pretty sure that they were up to no good, and I'm pretty sure that that had something to do with the illness, too.

So anyway. All seems to be restored. She's caught up to herself and feeling better. Last night she studiously attacked her homework and this morning she got to her 7:30 class on time. I think things are okay.

Which is good.

Hey, also it feels like fall. For some reason this year I feel more like my old self again, although I hadn't actually been aware that I hadn't felt like myself. But I'm appreciating the fall, and I'm looking forward to getting the house fixed up, and thinking about Hallowe'en and Christmas -- it's very nice.


Okay, bye.

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