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2005-10-13 - 9:24 a.m.

Okay, I am quite proud of myself.

I have knitted another sock.

I think socks are the perfect sort of project for me. It doesn't take too long to finish them. They are sort of interesting (I can explain about this later). And they don't have the same terror factor that sweaters do. They do have fit issues, but they're only socks, and they cost at the very very most 20 bucks. Also, it's pretty easy to make a pair, learn something from that and then move on to the next pair where I can refine my technique.

I started out making these Turkish socks, where you knit a tube and then stick the heel in after. They're good, because you start at the toe and keep making them bigger until they fit your foot and then just knit up from there. From this experience, I have learned that with Regie sock yarn, I need 76 stitches to make the right size of sock. But it is even more fun, and it looks better, I think, to start from the top and work down, and then you get to turn the heel, which is sort of magical. I am especially proud of myself because I figured out how to do it all by myself. Albeit I was reading directions, but I managed to follow them and it worked, which you may know does not always happen.

Also, you get to use sock yarn, which comes in these amazing self-striping patterns which are really cool. Also, it's sort of a mystery what they're going to look like, so that too relieves knitting boredom.

Anyway -- I'm sort of tempted to move on to lace scarves, which seem similarly small and interesting, with no fit issues at all, but first I need to knit several more pairs of socks.

And next time I'm going to try something tricky with the heel which will make it look sort of corrugated.


In other good news, Nora may have learned how to study! She went to the library after school to study latin with one friend. Then to another friend's house to work on Chemistry. I picked her up at 9:30 and they were still studying. Hooray hooray hooray!

In other other news, I have to go.

I'm having a new house idea -- there's a house that's in a good location. It was a house, but was turned into a duplex, and it's kind of crappy inside from having been a rental. But -- it's pretty, it's big enough, it's in a convenient location (maybe not as neighborhood as I'd like, but ideal in other ways) and it has a big yard. My idea is -- we buy it and then spend some time fixing it so it has a reasonable kitchen, is clean, has a shed in the back yard for bikes ...

It's a little expensive, though.

Our realtor is looking into just how dilapidated it actually is. The term "deferred maintenance" was used ...

Okay -- bye.

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