well of unexpected crabbiness

2005-10-14 - 10:27 a.m.

Oh, a few things:

I think I'm in favor of that house (assuming we could get it for a reasonable price) but I think Kevin may not be. Hmmmm.

I sort of like a project, and this would be a project.

In other news, I think Maddy might actually be smarter than me. Driving back from riding she was the chattiest person in the world. Among other things, she told me all about how thinking about space makes her feel wierd and creepy. The fact that it goes on forever, except how can that be, but if it doesn't, what's on the other side.

I tend not to worry about these matters.


Nora's brain seems to tend to work in ways more like the way mine does. Although she, too, has lately been a surprising font of information about columns and atriums and geometrical relationships.

Maddy also told me she appreciated that I sometimes hold strong and unpopular opinions. For instance, I tend to believe that Indians were just as inclined to change the environment as the Europeans were, and that Columbus gets a bad rap, and for his time was probably no more evil than anyone else. It doesn't really seem fair to me to judge him by current standards, given the fact that he lived in the 15th century.

Sunday I'm off to Pittsburgh to help K's mother move into her new house. I feel this is awfully virtuous of me. I feel a certain amount of score-settling, too, in a distant kind of way. When we were first going out, 27 years ago, K. told me that even his mother, the feminist, thought that boys were more interesting than girls. I think she meant in the sense that in her lifetime, men were more likely to have interesting careers than women, but I was highly incensed. (You can tell because I've remembered it for 27 years.) Over the years, I've sort of come to the conclusion that it all depends on how you define interesting. I mean, "interesting" people can be sort of tiresome, and "boring" people can actually be more interesting than interesting people. Perhaps someone like out old housekeeper, who grew up speaking German on a farm in North Dakota, had an illegitimate child and became our housekeeper, is more interesting than some famous historian. Certainly she made better sweet rolls. But anyway, the downside of having three boys, interesting as they may all be, is that none of them is of much use when it comes to helping you unpack your belongings.
But that is really not very nice, and just pretend I never thought, let alone said it.

Boy, what is with me today?

Anyway -- I suppose I am a little annoyed because Kevin seems annoyed that I'm going away, and I don't really even want to. In fact, I think it's awfully nice of me.

Although to be fair, my mother-in-law is unfailingly kind and has bailed me out of all kinds of situations where I had to go away and leave the kids -- so --

All right. I think it's time to take myself away where I can be crabby in private.

I'll be back Thursday.

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