guest room

2005-10-24 - 2:47 p.m.

Oh dear --

Househunting again with no palpable result.

Kevin's mom is visiting. It's great having her, actually. She's almost back to her old self. It's great for the kids to have her around. I do worry that we wear her out. We wear ourselves out, in fact, and also, when she's around, K. gets a little crochetty. I think he wants everything to be perfect for the few days she's here. I think everything is actually perfect enough. I think it's more about him and his need to prove to his parents that he's done things right than about the rest of us. But it makes it a little hard on the rest of us, including, I think, his mother.

Anyway. With all that going on, plus Nora having huge amounts of homework, I'm sort of exhausted.

It's interesting to compare our two families. Kevin's family is quite liberal in theory, but in practice a lot more hung up on things -- dinner hours, unmarried mothers, being on time -- than mine. My family is also way more sentimental. I'm afraid I see the sense of being less hung up and more sentimental, but that's just my upbringing.

But I do wish we had a house with a proper guest room ....


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