2005-10-25 - 11:42 a.m.

36 seconds to update.

K's mother flew off this morning.

It's a relief in that I have felt responsible for her. But it was nice having her here in other ways -- she IS nice, and she's incredibly helpful with things like getting dinner ready and cleaning up after dinner.

I guess it's the worry that's wearing -- are we wearing her out? would she like to go to bed? (we have no guest room, so she was sleeping in the living room, which is really not ideal.)

Plus, I think she enjoys being with us, and having stuff going on. I'm sure her house will seem very quiet and lonely when she gets back.

Anyway -- but I do sort of feel like I have the 25% of my brain that I was worrying about her with back.

And we'll see her again at xmas.


Got to go.

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