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2005-10-28 - 1:20 p.m.

Oh, worries and further worries.

Turned out N. skipped school on Wednesday (but not Chem or Latin). Went off with O. and smoked dope. Went to O's house and talked to O's mother about Olivia Newton John. O's mother did not appear to notice that they were at her house, and not at school where they belonged.

Great turmoil and confrontation. N. is grounded for a month. Lengthy conversations with B. (E's mom) and K.. Poor N. She really has been good, but this is not good at all. I'm worried that it's spiralling out of control.

Called a family therapist. Strangely this was the thing N. most objected too. She actually seems really good. Reassured me that N. is not really out of the norm. Apparently if this had begun in 8th grade, she would be. K. and I will meet with her next week, and then meet with N. She agreed that O.'s lack of any supervision was problematic, and that the father should "come out of hiis tree."

K. is worried that the therapist will discover that he is barely functional. I'm quite sure that I'm barely functional, too, but at this point don't care who knows.

Actually, I'm sort of looking forward to this. In my experience, therapists are paid to listen to you go on and on about what's worrying you, whereas your friends tend to get bored after the first few hours.

Poor poor N. She had wanted to go out for Halloween. She was going to make a reptile costume with a green sweatshirt she has. I told her it wasn't likely I'd let her, and her little chin wobbled in a way that wrenched my heart. But she didn't dissemble or quibble. She admitted what she'd done and when she'd done it.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Luckily E's in big trouble, too, so perhaps they can commiserate. We told S's dad, too, although not all that we know. I don't know what's going to happen there --

Ho hum.

In further news, another house! It's not perfect, but has many good qualities. What to do? We'll all look at it on Sunday.


Also -- I have a great new sweater. It's a Norwegian sweater in black and white checks and I love it with a total passion. I'm going to wear it every day.

That is all.

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