It is very cold

2005-11-02 - 11:04 a.m.

So --

We (k and I) went to the counselor, which was good, I think.

She confirmed that we actually seem to have a reasonable relationship with N., and that this is sort of normal behavior for LUPS.

She asked two questions which I sort of had to think about --

what do we want her relationship with drugs to be?

would I care if she came home with all Bs? (we'd been talking about the insane pressures on kids, schoolwise, and I said I didn't want her to feel pressured, but I also really wanted her to have the motivation herself to do well.)

I think to the first, given that she's started experimenting so young, I'd like her to be done with it by 18. I'd like her to not get caught up in it. My first answer was that I'd like her not to have anything to do with drugs until she was 18. But that seems silly, given where she is right now. I'd like her to be safely out of it by 18.

To the second, I actually know how I'd feel, since that's what she came home with. She's got an 80 in AP Chem, an 81 in Latin and an 81 in math. Actually, the 80 in Chem is not bad at all. In fact, it's stellar. And the 81 in math and Latin -- actually, I think it's okay. I think she herself is a little disappointed. She says if she were better organized, and handed in all her math daily warm-ups, she'd have a better grade. And her Latin grade is going up, too, she thinks.

Anyway -- I realize I feel okay, because , while not stellar grades, those are hard classes. An 81 is a lot better than a 78. And she seems to be thinking about how to improve them -- A B when you have been working hard and when you are thinking about what you need to do to get something better is not bad at all.

So I feel okay, and I actually feel even better about feeling okay about it.

So --

Also, I am freezing, and really realy tired.


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