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2005-11-03 - 12:23 p.m.

I'm feeling somewhat discombobulated. We're going to put an offer on another house. I like the house. I like it enough that I'm not going to say another word for fear of jinxing it.

But I can't seem to get in touch with Kevin, and I need to so we can actually do the offer.


I avoided talking to him yesterday about it because of other complications, which are now resolved, but now we actually need to do something and I can't seem to find him.


Perhaps he is having an affair with the realtor, whom I also can't find.

Somehow I doubt it.


In other news, everything else seems to be fine. N. is fine, M. is fine. I am fine, parents are fine.

I'm a little hungry, though, but have plans to go eat lunch fairly soon.

It's chilly out. I like chilly.

I am glad it will be the weekend soon. I plan to do some serious sleeping, and perhaps to drag the kids to the museum of modern art.

Also, I stayed home on Tuesday and cleaned the house. I guess that's a little bit sad, but it makes such a huge difference when I actually have a few hours to look stuff over and throw stuff away and vacuum and put away and go to the grocery store. It sort of makes the rest of life possible.



And soon it will be Christmas. Sadly, I love Christmas a lot.

Okay. Now I must go.


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