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2005-11-07 - 10:33 a.m.

In further news, I am an idiot.

N.'s report card came, and I blew up. I think I blew up in the context of her being a complete pill and seeming only to want to watch television with her friend E.

I should have said no to the second E. sleepover. Then I would not have blown up.

I think I also blew up in the context of looking for a god-damned house, which is a complete pain in the neck.

And also a compelling desire to be elsewhere. It's November, and it's not cold enough for me, and I want to go someplace bleak and beautiful. I want to go camping on a bleak lake. I want to go see the bristlecone pines.

It's also not impossible that I'm suffering from some kind of female crisis.

But also I blew up at having to be the responsible one all the time.

But I still feel awful about it.

Anyway -- in further news, we're negotiating about the dump. I confess that I have a fondness for the dump -- anything odd and misshapen, Kevin said.

But if we knocked all the walls down, it could be great!

And there's another house, too, that would be greatly improved by knocking down all the walls.

I used to be interested in "craftman charm." Now I would like a room that two people can pass in without having to stand sideways. And to hell with built-in cabinets. Rip them out, I say!


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