2005-11-09 - 10:00 a.m.

I did it again and got this:

IX. The Hermit
Virgo, Yod


The Hermit represents the embarkation on a spiritual quest–soul-searching. This is a time to be alone-and make the best of it. Only in solitude we can meditate, contemplate and reflect on what's happening inside of us. We are about to discover our inner knowledge and wisdom. When the time is right, the light of the lantern will eventually attract the company of others, and we will be glad we had some time to ourselves.

Oddly enough, M was asking me this morning about the word soothsayer.

Oh -- and I looked at another house yesterday. From the outside, a pretty Queen Anne which appeared to have no yard, but did in fact have more yard than it seemed to. From the inside -- oh my god! They'd taken all the molding off all the windows, so you had these hideous walls with that horrible textured stuff on them. They'd replaced the lovely bannister with a boxed in thing. It looked like a cheap ski rental! Upstairs, the old lady who owned it had a round bed! Downstairs, the man who lived with her had a wierd basement grotto full of hanks of rope.

It wasn't that bad, I suppose. Just full of stuff. Perhaps she was a former Vegas showgirl.

Odd, though. Very odd.

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