where oh where have I been?

2005-11-21 - 11:14 a.m.

Okay, have you wondered where I've been?

Well, there have been contractors at our house, replacing defunct light fixtures with new, functional (!) ones, putting little frames around the dishwasher so it doesn't look quite so much like a slum dishwasher, replacing broken panes of glass in various doors, rebuilding the deck and cleaning out the back yard. !!!

It actually looks really great. Once we get all our crap out of it, our house will be very delectable and lots of people will want to pay good money for it.

It really is a nice house.

Also, I have been having panic attacks about our new house, which will officially become our new house as of Dec. 10. (Knock on wood.)

Bad points: It's kind of a dump.

Good points: It's big enough. It looks like a house. It has two bathrooms. It's convenient to everything.

Other things I would be worrying about, were there any room left in my brain:

Should M. go to LUPS next year, or should we begin the round of searching for a private school? Sort of a moot point, as I cannot get it together to go and look at any private schools. Plus we can't afford them. Hmmm.

Other points of interest:

M. is sort of growing up. She's okay with moving. She can sort of see things beyond herself in a way that's new.

N. is sort of growing up, too. She really does have too much work, but things seems fairly good there. She still retreats into her room, but then also will come out and talk to us.

I'm happy about moving to B. because I will be closer to a lot of people, which will be nice. It will be nice to be able to pop over to A's house for no good reason. That is a good thing.

That's all I've got for now --

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