it seems to be ours

2005-11-30 - 10:04 a.m.


The haggling is done, and the house is ours! Or will be next Friday.

Now we have to line up all the work that needs to be done. Which is a lot.

But --


I think I'm happy about it.

Also, it is very cold here! Oh, this is sad. It's 50 degrees. That really isn't cold, unless you consider that we never wear coats and don't have very good heat.

I went to sleep last night in a long sleeved shirt and flannel pajama bottoms and wool socks, under a comforter, a (thin) blanket and a sleeping bag. It was lovely.

I am so glad we are doing nothing this weekend. I have to:

  • garden
  • take in the halloween lights
  • put away summer clothes and get our winter ones
  • get new snow pants for N., and possibly some longsleeved shirts for M. (a trip to REI!!!)
  • clean up the house a bit

Is that really all? It's possible that it is -- hmmm, that's not so bad.


Oh, also

  • think about Christmas presents
  • think about Christmas cards

Okay. got to go.

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