2005-12-02 - 8:36 a.m.


I made a yogurt cake last night. I got the recipe from here. It was quite yummy. I had some for breakfast, too.

I am worrying about N. again. This is ridiculous and nonproductive, I know. But I don't understand why her grades aren't better. It's not that she isn't smart enough, I think. It's that somehow she hasn't figured out how to do really well.

I think if she could figure it out, it would not be much harder than what she's actually doing now. But not figuring it out makes it seem mysterious and very hard -- or makes her feel like she's not actually smart enough.

The difficulty for me is, how to calm my own anxieties when addressing this so she doesn't feel like I'm freaking out about it.

Which, of course, I am.


Somehow I'm not anticipating these problems with M. She somehow has figured out how to keep on top of stuff.


I suppose it's time to start really thinking about Christmas. I'm going home at noon, and then I will start.

Okay. Now I've got some stuff to do.


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