2005-12-12 - 12:43 p.m.

Well, my head is full only of things like: but what if we put the laundry room up on the second floor! and Should we try to take the paint off the panelling in the living room, or is that insane and we should just paint over it.

You know -- fascinating for me, but perhaps not for others.

And due to some glitch, the house is actually not ours until tomorrow. But hopefully then, knock on wood.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. K's brother was around, so we dragged him along to the house, then out to dim sum, then --worst of all -- out to purchase a Christmas tree. But he was a good sport, about it, and actually, it's nice with a visitor to do some aimless milling occasionally.

Scene: the dining room, where inspired by the carol singing after M's piano workshop, I am (somewhat ineptly) banging out God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on our piano.

N: You say that you can't make me do anything, but you are the worst! We need to get boxes! I've been asking for weeks, and you keep saying you will, and still you haven't.

She tries to pull me from the piano. I continue singing.

N: We have to go now!

She is laughing.

Me: Are you saying I am more stubborn than you?

N: No one can make you do anything!

Me: Perhaps I inherited it from you.

N: I think it's the other way around.

So I tickled her.

How funny --

The box store was closed, but we were just in time to get a new lightbulb for the lava lamp. She slept with it lavaing all night long.

AND: M's hideous piano workshop where she had to play a song again (!) because she hadn't had time to learn a new piece; and a hideous duet !!! went just fine. She sounded great, and said she would do it again.


And the tree is up (much suspicious sniffing by the cats) but not decorated.

One more week and then we're all free!

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