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2005-12-15 - 1:15 p.m.

I went to the house today to meet a painter. We have the keys, now. K's making a copy, so we can each have one.

I'm reconciling to the painted panelling. I'm thinking a nice Martha Stewart green might be okay.

Still thinking about how to configure the upstairs. Theoretically, it would be nice to have a master bath up there. It would also be nice to have a laundry room up there. And it also relates to the kitchen/downstairs bath configuration.

So --

I am feeling sleepy right now, but it's actually all pretty exciting, and it's somehow exciting to have keys and to be able to go in and out at will.

It's also fun to figure out how the house was originally. I think the downstairs back room was originally two rooms -- one a sort of utility room with a toilet and the laundry, and one a breakfast nook.

Soon I will post pictures, I promise. Maybe I'll take them tomorrow. We're planning to eat lunch there.



Also - I went to the camera store, for reasons having to do with N. What an amazing place -- especially if you like gear. I do -- I do like gear. I'm more likely to be excited by camping gear, or bicycle gear, though. Or knitting gear.

Anyway. It was good.

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