2006-01-06 - 11:05 a.m.


It seems like it's probably time to put away the Christmas things, but since we were away for a week, perhaps it would be okay to have them around for another week.

Then we'll be really sick of them, but right now it's really nice to turn the tree lights on when we get home. Or to drive home later and see that M has turned them on when she got home.

I guess especially since it gets dark so early.

I took a few people from work by to see the house yesterday. I think they were horrified by how much work there is to do. It's funny -- this is true, of course, but somehow when I see it I'm imagining how it will look when it's fixed up. Perhaps I am insane.

Still -- I'm kind of excited. I think one guy is going to start on Monday. It will be nice to be so much closer.

That said, our current house is also looking charming lately. It's on the side of a hill, so it has a very airy, sunny feeling. There's a big window at the back of the kitchen that looks out over our small city and the mountains beyond, but mostly what you see is the sky. This morning it was quite pink in one direction with great mackeral clouds in the other. I think I will miss that, plus the great views on the drive into town.

So --

Went to a college night at LUPS, where maybe 20 graduates came back to talk about the college experience and going to college. It was pretty interesting. Then the parents went into another room to grill the parents about the horrors of the application process, while the kids stayed behind to get the lowdown on all the sex and drugs to be had at college.

Ho hum.

(Frankly, I'm not sure it can be all that much worse than what's currently available at LUPS.)


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