oh, there was lots of laundry

2006-01-09 - 2:10 p.m.


So -- this weekend:

N came right home on Friday and stayed in, doing homework and watching movies with M and I, and then going to sleep. Not sure what was up, but it was nice.

Saturday, she was up early and off to the movies with one friend. I then picked them and three others up and brought them home for her photo project. They all but one stayed until after midnight -- playing apples to apples and sardines (both with M!) and tracking mud through the house (which I made them clean up) and eating chinese food and watching movies. Two of them stayed overnight, and then until about 3 the next day, when I finally got one of their mothers to come and reclaim them. The we watched Goodfellas while N did her homework, and Donnie Darko when K came home. It was actually pretty good, although odd. Goodfellas was good, too -- lots of Sopranos references (other way, I know). I'd sort of like to read the book, though.

I did a bit of gardening, since it was not raining. I did 47 loads of laundry. I cleaned up the kitchen and made the last of the necessary Xmas cookies. I helped Maddy with her noticia (sharks are being caught in Ecuador at an alarming rate. Soon there will be no more sharks), and she practiced the piano. I knitted a scarf and added about 8 rounds to the sweater I'm knitting.

It was an okay, busy weekend.

Next weekend is a long weekend. Hmmm. Might be nice to go away ....

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