2006-01-10 - 11:11 a.m.

Today -- luckily there is nothing written in today's little calendar space, unlike tomorrow which has two things written (plus one in my head) and thursday, which has one.

I sort of hate having things written in my calendar.

I came home late yesterday to N and two friends. They'd made muffins (which were tasty) and were hanging out, but actually doing their homework. Good thing, since finals are coming up. M was seriously upset about a)piano (lesson tomorrow) and b)spanish (terrible grammmatical complication soon unravelled) and c) science test on vision and convex mirrors. That too was soon fixed. I think the main problem may be gym (she hates it) and complications concerning her friends Z and M, who she feels have now become best friends, leaving her out. Also, she's worried about going to LUPS next year, where she won't know anyone. Or rather, she'll know people, but they'll all have other friends.


I personally think a good portion of the problem was also that she was hungry.

Also, N was quite nice and offered to let M come to school with her one day. It is great that N is being nice to M lately.

Also, we got a thing which makes it possible for us to play N's ipod in the car. Now we can listen to They Might Be Giants all the way to school! "Everything right is wrong again" is my personal mantra. N seems to like the "I am insane" song.

Anyway. Plus a lot of latin vocabulary, god help us. Word for the day: Perfidia, perfidiae, f. Treachery. English word for the day: Perfidy.

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