2006-01-13 - 11:40 a.m.

So --

House is progressing. Horrible things are being removed, thing after thing. Yay! Already it feels airier and brighter.

I really like our contractor. He kind of looks like that pumpkin guy from the Wizard of Oz books -- Jack Pumpkinhead? I can't remember the exact name. But he (Steve) has red hair that's kind of straw-like and a very round head that's also sort of flat across the face, and a kind of wacky, but pleasant smile. I really do like him. He's also very tall and thin.

Last night K's cousins came over for dinner (there wasn't quite enough, since I didn't know if they were coming for dinner or just dessert) and dessert. (There was plenty of dessert -- olalaberry pie. Yumm.) The littlest one, Andy, lives around here, but the older one was visiting. They are really quite nice. We had a long talk about high schools. I told them the story of when I was stuck in shop class (I had signed up for a journalism elective and was too shy to explain the mistake to anyone.) Our school was completely segregated, in that girls took sewing, cooking and home ec, and boys took wood shop, mental shop and some other kind of shop. No mixing. So the metal shop guy was completely flummoxed by my appearance in his class, and came up with the idea that I could do some kind of sculpture, away from the boys, who were working on god knows what. (I don't even remember any of them. I'm not sure I was even allowed to talk to them.) I made a kiwi bird our of wire, and then dripped solder all over it to look like feathers. It was kind of fun.

Everyone thought that was kind of funny -- especially the idea that although I had never had any real interest in shop, I would still have rather just taken the class than speak to anyone about the scheduling mistake. Of course I would be horrified if something like that happened to one of my kids, and of course they, like me, would just go along with it and not say a word.

Strangely, too, there is no shop OR cooking at LUPS. Everyone MUST go to college whether they want to or not, and all our electricians are going to come from Mars, I guess.

Okay. That is all.

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