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2006-01-18 - 10:09 a.m.


Today we are meeting the design/build guy V. to discuss the kitchen. We're meeting at the house at noon.

Meanwhile the other guy continues demolition. It's looking pretty demolished!

Then at 3:15 I am picking N and four friends up at ferrying (ferro, ferr, tuli, latus) them in my vehicle (veho ...) to E's house where they will set up for E's surprise birthday party. Excitement!

Then I will go get M. and take her home and swing back to work to pick up two ladies and take them to the new house to have a celebratory birthday lunch for one of them. (Confidentially, this is something of a pain, because I am supposed to be bringing a salad. Don't see quite how that will happen. Anyway. I do have a tablecloth, though. I guess we'll set up on the table the demo guy has made out of a door and two sawhorses. It might be fun.)

Maybe after that I'll come back to work and stay here until N. is done -- that will be fairly late, though. Hmmm.

Anyway -- seems like an insane day to me.

I'm thinking about the new house -- all the time, I think. I think the demo guys table is actually in the right spot for a table. We were thinking about trying to fit another couch in that room, but I now think we should leave it at a table, which a few cozy chairs by the other window. Then in the first living room, a couch, bookcases, the piano, cozy chairs. Upstairs, maybe give the smaller room to K for a study, and take the bigger back room for our bedroom, with a sort of sitting room component. This does mean some tromping through K's study (or cave, as he refers to it wishfully) but spacewise, I think it makes a lot more sense. Plus, the sleeping porch would make such a nice bedroom -- light from three sides, view to the garden ...

So --

Big question: where do we put the tv?

Okay -- got to go.

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