5 habits of varying degrees of weirdness

2006-01-19 - 9:29 a.m.

Simplify tagged me for the 5 weird habits thing.

Hmm. Probably all my habits are weird. Do I even have habits?

1. Every morning at work I get a cup or Irish breakfast tea and an almond biscotti. (What's the singular of biscotti, by the way?) The biscotti aren't even very good, really, but they are necessary.

2. I like to fall asleep on my right side.

3. I like to sleep with my window open.

4. I leave my cell phone on all the time because if I turn it off, I forget that I've turned it off. Also, if it's on I can call myself and find my purse.

5. Are these really boring habits? Also, I bite my fingernails because I can't stand having them even a little bit long. Very bad.

Now I'm supposed to tag five more people. I have to think about this.


N's surprise party for E went really well. I dropped N and 3 other girls off at 3:30. Other guests came soon after to set up. When I showed up at 8:30 to pick N up there were confetti and balloons everywhere and all the food was eaten. Lots of old and new friends -- I think it went well.

We had a small birthday party for a woman from my office at the new house, and that went well, although K mentioned that it was perhaps not such a great idea to eat at what is really a toxic waste site. (Well, there is lead paint, I'm sure.) Also, earlier we met the kitchen guy there, and have a plan that we like and that won't be hideously expensive. V said we should use Ikea cabinets. Now, I know that there are feelings for and against Ikea cabinets. On the good side: they are pretty flexible and pretty inexpensive. On the bad side: the people you order from know nothing about cabinets and they're not really wood. I think I feel okay about using them with V because a) he's a pretty high end guy, generally, so if says they're okay, I tend to trust him; b) he'll know how to order and install them properly; c)he's worked with them before and uses them a lot in houses that he buys, fixes up and sells -- so he's got experience with them. So I think it will be okay. So then we'll have a lovely wood floor, and a sliding glass door out to the garden and room for lots of cabinets and bookshelves, and the tv in the kitcheny room and the washerdryer in the powder room. It's looking okay.

Also, have I discussed this before? I'm figuring out the living/dining room. Still need to worry about the fireplace and the upstairs bathroom and our bedroom suite. (The suite consist of a small room with a tiny closet, and then a sleeping porch off of it. Very fancy.)

And our realtor came by and said, "Oh, it looks like a real house now!"

Also, a boy from LUPS -- in N's grade and even in E's history class -- was shot and killed on Saturday. I'm pretty sure that not one kid in my high school died the whole time I was there. N wanted money to give to the people who are collecting money for his funeral. My god, how sad. She asked me for some money to give "to the people who are collecting to pay for Salvador's funeral," which made it seem even sadder, somehow. I'm used to contributing for the girl scouts or the debate club or to send Xochitl on a school sponsored trip to Venezuela, but not for Salvador's funeral. Sad.

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