it's monday all right

2006-01-23 - 10:39 a.m.


It's Monday. N spent the weekend engaged in social activities, trying to write a paper on Love in the Time of Cholera and reviewing for a Chem test. M had a piano thing, then pretty much nothing until the last minute when she had to write up a Noticia for Spanish. Also, there were dinosaurs on the animal p1*anet which she watched with enthusiasm. K spent the weekend mostly at the office, although K, N and I went to look at possible fireplace solutions (there is one, and it's nice, but expensive) and K and M and I went to the house to measure things. At this point it's all torn apart and it's a little hard to visualize how we'll ever live in it. But the foundation guy comes soon, and after that things that were torn apart can be put back together. So I guess we should start packing. And I baked a cake, and M baked a cake and I did laundry and drove people here and there -- Not a bad weekend, in all. I still have not taken down the christmas tree, but it's pretty, and they wouldn't pick it up until next week anyway, and we cut it down ourselves, so it's still not very dry. And it's so pretty!

And now it's cold, and I have a bunch of things I ought to do -- I think we'll try to go skiing this weekend, but it depands on my finding a place we can stay --

Ho hum, ho hum, ho hum.

Happy Monday.

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