when life is very very bad

2006-01-26 - 1:15 p.m.

Hmmm. Reading entries from exactly a year ago.

  • Things with N were tough. She was hiding in her room and hanging out with kids who have, in fact, gone on to get in varying amounts of trouble. I was worried.

Looking back on it, I had every reason to be worried. Since then,

  • She's met other kids who actually do care about their grades. She's realized that she's as smart as they are, and now she enthusiastically studies with them. She's got friends she can study with. That's huge.
  • She's cheered up and no longer hides in her room.
  • Some of her friends from middle school really have gotten into trouble. One is nearly failing out of school and plans to go into independent studies next semester. She's a smart kid, too --

I don't know how we could have avoided last year. It may be the sort of thing you just have to live through. Looking at M., I sense that we're close to having her live through it to --


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