2006-01-27 - 9:22 a.m.

Hooray! It is Friday! It's the end of N's finals. We can all stop worrying about them, and start worrying about home renovation.

Today, somehow, it all seems a bit more manageable. I have a list -- call fireplace guy; call Marites the architect; go to the dreaded IKEA. But perhaps it can be done ...

Also I need to try to get some ski reservations together.

Also we need to get new ski pants for N and a new ski jacket for M. And new ski gloves for both of them.

And I suppose I should take down the christmas tree so it can go out on Monday. Sniff.

Also the house could use a bit of straightening up. And we have to get passports.

But that's not too hideous, I think.

Otherwise, it's a bit rainy and overcast -- sort of dramatic, in fact. And the dampness makes the eucalypts in the parking lot especially fragrant. In a nice way, I mean. I parked in the lot behind my father's old dorm -- which is so odd because I really didn't know him. He died when I was four.

I remember visiting his parents house when I was small, though. It was an old ramshackle kind of house in the hills above Los Angeles. My grandparents were rather eccentric. I remember the dryness of the air and all the plants in their yard which smelled good. There was a huge eucalyptus, and a California bay, and something else. My grandfather's mother lived nearby in a huge old estate with a swimming pool and a big outdoor room called the Ramada. My great grandmother was very old, and lived with a collection of other very old women, all relatives, I suppose. That house was eventually torn down, and the lot sold for a condominium complex. And my grandparents' house was sold to the church next door, who I think wanted it for a parking lot.

Ho hum.

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