letter to B

2006-01-27 - 1:47 p.m.

So -- various confusions, etc have resulted in the following outcomes:

We're going to do a one day drive-up sort of skiing this weekend on Sunday. (N will be sad, but the foundation man is coming on Monday, and this also gives us time to get a few things done around all our various houses.) Plus Sunday looks like the good weather day.

I've rented a house near Truckee for Friday and Saturday next weekend.

Have you guys weathered finals all right? It seems to have been all consuming for the entire household, plus M had some troublesome social studies project that kept popping up, plus a piano-related collapse.

The house: well, it's been demoed, which is really a good thing, but hasn't really improved its appearance much. I think we've solved the "where to place the fireplace" dilemma (it matched up nicely with the "what to do with the hole in the living room" dilemma). Still to come: closet space, bookshelves, upstairs bathroom sink placement. Oh, and the permit issue -- will they notice we're not planning to use it as a duplex? God, I hope not. K had a brilliant idea last week of getting a baby grand piano. It would solve the problem of what wall to put this piano on, as it wouldn't need a wall. It would also, however, take up the entire living room. But you could play in the firelight! Hmmm.

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