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2006-01-31 - 9:59 a.m.

So --

Skiing was great. K's new skis are too long and too fast for him, so after we dragged him on a few blue runs he retreated to the green ones. Which isn't like him, really. I think he needs shorter skis.

But N and M and I had a great time. M always protests that she doesn't want to go. (Apparently she'd prefer to spend the whole weekend in her room, thinking. Hmmm.) But she had a good time and it was good for her. It was nice going without E, also (although it's also nice to go with her). But it was nice to be off just the four of us, plus -- E's pretty much a beginner, so when it's just the four of us we can go off and do harder, faster stuff. Not that we are very good -- we're pretty medium. But, you know.

In other news --

Nora got her Love in the Time of Cholera paper back and she got an A. Hooray! Shows the benefits of not leaving papers until 9:00 Sunday night.

The foundation people are at the house this week. I met the fireplace people yesterday and I think we have that sorted out. They're from Estonia. We're meeting architects tomorrow. They did the plans for our old house, which were really nice. Also, they sort of know what we want, and we can talk to them. Also -- they know about permits. We are slightly worried about permits. Not that we're doing anything at all odd. Putting in a sliding glass door is probably the most dramatic thing we're doing. But you never know about those permit office people -- I've heard horror stories. So there's that.

Anyway. I think that's all I have --


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