bad fung shui

2006-02-06 - 4:53 p.m.

Okay, so here I am.

Kitchen plans now up in the air -- but it seems that the washer will go upstairs. Yay!

Better fireplace plan.

Things are actually moving along.

I do have to go pick out cabinets, and fixtures, and appliances.

And I'm liking the downstairs bathroom a lot better.

Jack Pumpkinhead (contractor A) came by. I do like him. Apparently we need to get him some plans and then he'll schedule us in.

It's actually a teeny bit exiting.

And -- N's report card is pretty solid! B in AP chem (which is a real accomplishment.) A's in English and Photo (with the comment --pleasure to have in class!). I think an A- in honors algebra (but a B on the final). B's in history and latin, which are better than C's, which, believe it or not, really do exist. Anyway -- not bad at all.

And -- skiing was fun. We went up late Friday night. We got there about 1:00. But the kids liked the house. We skiied half the next day (it took us a little while to get started in the morning) and all day Sunday. Having a place to stay made it nicer for M. She liked having a little bed to snuggle away in and read her book. Plus, the two of them went off together. They then lost each other, but it wasn't a disaster. They're both so much better than either of us. They actually enjoy these horrific steep runs than it takes me half an hour to get down, swooping from side to side like the old lady that I am while they wait aand wait and wait for me at the bottom. I can do a few of them, but then I actually start to get tired and worn out. Perhaps I need some kind of conditioning.


But the weather was great -- Cold and snowy on Saturday and then warm and sunny and gorgeous on Sunday. It was great to be out.

Okay. Sorry for the boring recap. I'm just something verging on insanely busy, and now I have to go retrieve N.


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