2006-02-08 - 12:37 p.m.

Did you like yesterday's recitation of what I had to do?

It sort of got better, because K picked N up and they stopped and got barbeque for us. Hooray for food that appears!

M had a great day at the barn -- apparently she groomed and walked a few horses, and untacked another horse when there was some kind of trailer emergency, and wrote a few letters and called a vet regarding some medication for two recently gelded stallions. Then she stayed for a class and saw Mellie -- a girl we thought had gone off to college. But she hasn't, and it was good to see her.

N came right home after her exit exam and went to sleep. It seems that we are all a bit sleep deprived.

This exit exam thing is nuts. N says that essentially you could pass this exam after 6th grade. And yet apparently some people have a hard time passing it. How can this be? Really, how can this be?

Questions worthy of further thought, but unfortunately I've got to go --


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