2006-02-10 - 1:20 p.m.

I'm not sure anyone has noticed, but things are a tad hectic at the readersguide household. On top of normal life, which is hectic enough, we're also trying to figure out a remodel. Plus N is going away to Sac'to this weekend for some school thing, and M is about to turn 14 (which I am completely unprepared for) and then go to DC for a week. There seems to be a sudden bloom of schoolwork, and the fact that we went skiing last weekend means that there was no time to do laundry, clean out the fridge, or grocery shop. We're kind of living hand to mouth in a way that's even beyond what I'm comfortable with, and I'm comfortable with a fair amount of chaos.

Oh, and my mother is coming to help, which really means that I have to get most things done before she gets here. Which is fine -- a deadline is good.


Anyway, the result of this is that this morning when I got gas I placed my wallet on the top of the car and then drove off. (I did this because I have a crack in my thumb which I have not had time to bandage up. Thus my thumb hurts, and I needed two hands to untwist the gas cap. I thought as I placed the wallet on top of the car, 'the last time I did this, I lost my wallet.') I didn't realize it was missing until I was at work, so I went back out (abandoning my parking space ...) to look for it. I'd given up and was driving to the bank to plead with them to let me have 5 bucks for lunch when ... N's friend P's mother called. I was trying to figure out why the hell she was calling me -- something about busses (had N and P run away on a bus? been run over by a bus? had P run away on a bus and J was wondering if I had heard anything?) when I finally understood that a busdriver had called P because P's phone number was in my wallet and the bus driver had my wallet!!! So I called the bus driver and chased her down (she was by then a block from my house) to retrieve my wallet -- sans money, but at least with all the other vital stuff intact.

Sometimes I really do feel like I spend my life driving up and down that road. On the other hand, sometimes it's okay to just give up completely and see if fate won't at least bring your wallet back.

Which it did.

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