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2006-02-11 - 11:23 p.m.

So -- I'm home and it's late and I'm about to go to bed. I can hardly wait, actually.

It's been a good day, actually. I straightened up a bit and found the passports -- that's good. I've got all that together, and we can go get new ones, maybe next week. K found the television remote (it was buried in a chair). M and I went out with my brother and his boyfriend to get new stepping stones for the path along the side of the house, and then to look at the new house, which is looking a bit better. Still missing its steps, but --

My brother is kind of a nut -- he believes in energy and -- who knows what all. He offered to do a blessing of the house. I don't really believe in things like that, but, hey -- why not. I asked him when we should do it, and he said, "well, if the project gets bogged down." But in fact, it's all moving ahead. We've ordered the fireplace. We got the much-worried-about kitchen permit over the counter. I think it's all shaping up.

He also thought that K and I should take the front room, and then muck about with the upstairs bathroom to turn it into a hall so K could take the back room as an office, and N could have the third bedroom. I can see his point -- the front room is the biggest and nicest, and probably is meant to be the master bedroom, but the back room (a sleeping porch) is currently accessible only through the third bedroom, so it makes sense at present for K and I to take those two rooms. Eventually, N will go to college and we'll take over the front room and make the back room a guest room, but right now we don't have the money to reconfigure the whole upstairs. And also, I don't actually mind the back room. It will be very sunny, and it looks into the garden, and it has windows on three sides. My brother thinks it will be awful for us to have to walk through K's study (the third bedroom) because it will be such a mess. I'm sure it's an energy issue, and actually, he's probably right, but I think it will be okay.

I'm just really looking forward to having a bedroom big enough to have a chair!

N is off in Sacto at some school thing. Mostly a chance to stay in a hotel room and goof around, I think, really. But as always it's so quiet with just one of them. M has had a nice day, I think. She's practiced the piano and worked on some theory (horrible things, but better when they're done) and drawn up a possible cover for the school yearbook. Nice to have the time to do those things.

And I've done load upon load of laundry -- also nice to have done. there's still a lot more, but I may be able to get it all done by tomorrow.

And -- we've been watching the Olympics. I really do like the Olympics, especially the winter Olympics, but not the figure skating. I like the ski racing and the snowboarding. I confess that the luge is a little boring. Speed skating somehow reminds me of going to my friend Leslie's brother's track meets when he was in high school and we were in junior high. I can almost smell it -- and it was very exciting because we (well, mostly Leslie) were convinced we would meet boys there. I don't think we ever did, but it was still interesting to see what that whole world was like. No one in my family was ever involved in competitve sports. I think just the fact of the space and the equipment (who would have imagined?) amazed me.

We went out to lunch with my brother and his boyfriend, both named D., after we got the sandstone and looked at the house. D (my D) was feeling nostalgic or something, because he suddenly started telling me all the things he did in high school that I never would have guessed. Oh, other D asked if we'd ever gone out dancing together in high school, which was somehow unthinkable, actually. D then told me (and M) that he'd actually been to a gay bar in a neighboring town. This is actually pretty astonishing -- he's gay now, but he was married in his his 20s. I had no idea he was even aware that he was gay in high school. I certainly didn't know that there was a gay bar in W____. Apparently he even rode the bus to Provincetown, although I really think he was going to visit a friend whose parents had a house up there.

Amazing, actually. Although I went up to Rhode Island with a guy I barely knew. My mother actually let me. I think it was the summer after my first year of college. I can't believe that either. He was actually sort of insane. It amazes me that my mother let me. Hmmm.

Well, anyway. And who knows what N is up to in S., although it is a school chaperoned thing, for what that's worth.

And now I really am going to bed. Oh yes, I am.

Good night!

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