now it is quite late

2006-02-12 - 12:27 a.m.

Here ar some further thoughts (click arrows for exciting earlier thought!)

  • It's really nice to be up late with everyone else in bed.
  • I'm having a weather issue. It's spring here. It's full fledged spring, with blooming trees and smells of blooming trees and 70 degree weather. This is a nice thing, really it is, but I'm just not ready for spring. I need another month or so of winter and winter clothes and not having to do anything in the garden. I need at least another month of winter so I can get really good and sick of it. Then I'll be ready for spring. Right now, it just confuses me.
  • I think we founf a color for out house. I wanted orange. D wanted first yellow and then brown. It turned out we were sort of all talking about the same color, but now I have some numbers so the paint guys can come put some samples up. Exciting, huh?
  • Now I might be ready for bed. Who knows. We'll see.
  • Happy Birthday Catie!

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