2006-02-14 - 3:32 p.m.

ha HA, I bet you think I'm going to give you another list!

No, I've decided I'm staying home tomorrow. I'm going to clean the house and work on my quilt and think about packing and get groceries and generally recombobulate.

I guess that is a list, but it's the sort of list where you feel a bit better once you've made it.

And realized that the only way you can survive is by taking a day off.

Strangely, everyone seems to be in a funk. I think it's February, no matter that it has disguised itself as May this year. February is just sort of a rough time of year (although I dearly love Valentines' day).


Got to go make another list, but I think I'll do it on paper this time.

okay --

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