2006-02-15 - 10:30 a.m.

Ha HA.

So I'm home, and while I'd planned to be a model of efficiency, I'm actually sort of dawdling.

However, I think it's probably therapeutic, and I really am on the verge of springing into action.

Tomorrow is M's 14th birthday. It's hard to believe that she's that old, actually. She is going to DC (I think), and I think she's worried about it. Every morning she's been crawling into bed with us at around 6 and then staying there until 7. It's very nice to still have a baby to snuggle with. She still is snuggly.

Actually, last night I dreamed we had an actual baby. (sniff) A little one with dark hair. Hmmm.

So I need to go out and do some shopping, and then get the house clean for my book group.

We had a lovely valentine's day yesterday. I'm sitting amidst the ruins of it right now. We had salmon and new potatoes and a salad, and sparkling apple cider for the kids and wine for K and me. For dessert, we had cupcakes (see below) and heart cookies, and chocolate and raspberry macaroon. We have a lovely pink and green table cloth with cherry blossoms all over it, and we used the good silver and the red plate with hearts on it. And N's roses (see below). It was nice! And then we watched Jon Stewart and the Olympics (poor Bode Miller -- and the tv guys did not seem very sympathetic, really) (and those skaters! !!!)

Anyway, I have to wash the tablecloth today, because by tradition it's also M's birthday tablecloth.

N seems to have a boyfriend, although from what I've seen he really only springs into action around holidays, when he gives her tons of roses. They're sitting in the dining room table right now.

Actually, I have met him -- I beat him at Scrabble, but only just. N clobbered him at Clue, but she clobbers everyone at Clue. Even I can not beat her, and when I was little no one would play with me, because I was the champion! Anyway, he seems to be a nice enough boy, but as far as I can tell she doesn't spend a huge amount of time with him.

Perhaps just as well ...

Anyway, N came home with flowers, and then went across the street to ice cupcakes with the girl across the street (which was nice -- they've been friends since they were 4, but don't see all that much of each other lately). M had a piano lesson, which actually went well because she had practiced. Her teacher, though, is not very demonstrative. She's good, but not the best fit for M. M tends to worry about things generally. B, the teacher, is more of a stoic. There's nothing wrong with being a stoic, but M tends to do better if her fears are at least credited and her accomplishments celebrated. Not by being told, when she can finally play her Chopin waltz all the way through without getting lost, that it's "flat." It's true, of course -- now that she can play the notes, she can work on the feel of it. But it just works better if you say, "wow, you've got the notes. Now lets work on how it all goes together." Things like that --

Okay, now I really do need to go. Yikes!

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