2006-02-17 - 10:26 a.m.

So --

We had a lovely M's birthday. We toured LUPS in the morning, and (although it was not evident at the time from looking at her) it will be okay to go there. We peered into N's Latin room and saw I (who lives across the street) who told everyone in the room that it was M. So that was fun.

Then we stopped at the toy store and she picked out 3 plastc horses and a set of ducks. The horses are all particular breeds -- the're about 3 inches high. The ducks were walking in a line like Jemima Puddleduck. Then we went across the street and had lunch, including a chocolate milkshake. M thought about taking her horses out at the restaurant, and then actually did. "I think I have more of an inner child than most people my age," she said. I think she is probably right. (She's 14.)

Then I took her to school, and I went to work, but I picked her up at 3 and took her to riding. I stopped on the way back to get: flowers, powdered sugar, unsweetened chocolate. I came home, ordered the pizza for K to pick up, and made the cake. M always gets a heart-shaped cake. This year she wanted devils food, with chocolate icing in between layers and vanilla covering the top. (!!!). I'm not exactly the best icing maker, but it worked out pretty well. Luckily, N got home in time to stay with the cake while I went to pick up M. We came home, we ate, M opened her presents ( a digital camera from us; really nice plastic bangles from N; money from grandma E and greatgrandma P). Unfortunately, N had somewhere picked up food poisoning, so she spent most of the evening alternately shivering on the couch and rushing to the bathroom to throw up. (!!!)

But aside from that, it was a nice party.

Poor N. But she's better today, and there's lots of cake left.

OKay. Now I have to go --

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