sorry but I have to go --

2006-02-21 - 4:53 p.m.


I've got to run, but it was certainly a busy weekend.

N's food poisoning turned out to be the flu, which M then caught, which meant she couldn't fly to DC with the rest of her group. After all the hemming and hawing, she was actually sad not to go -- we drove out to the airport just in case, but it does seem that a person who is actively throwing up is not a good candidate for air travel.

But the good news is, she went today. She flew by herself to DC, where she was met by an old friend (whom we havent't actually talked to for two years, or seen for 10). He'll hand on to her until her bus arrives at 9 and she can join the group.

In other news, we still haven't found a paint color we like; my brother and I hired two guys to weed and the yard looks great; we talked to the contractor and are firming up an idea of what to do to the upstairs; I guess things are moving along.


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