7 shades of orange

2006-02-23 - 4:11 p.m.

Well, big news in the world of picking paints (not really).

We've now got 8 splotches of paints around the door. The good news is that they look sort of nice together. The bad news is that we're not all that much closer to picking one.


The paint guy is very nice, though. He likes the really bright orange one. Hmmm.

Also, it's back to school night, and N wants to go off to some band concert that some hooligan friend of hers is in. Hmmm.

And we're having fits about whether to go to my sister's wedding next March. Obviously, I have to go. But K doesn't really want to. But the girls kind of do. But it's kind of expensive.

It seems like there are far too many decisions to make.

And apparently the upstairs bathroom, which was all settled, is not unsettled, with V (the design guy) wanting to leave the sink where it is (looking out the window.) But I don't want the sinkt to look out the window!

Oh god.

I'm sorry -- this can't be of interest to anyone, really. Perhaps most especially not to me. But unfortunately, this is all there is room for in my head at the moment.

Although N is reading MacBeth, and we read through Act 1 last night. That was quite fun. And she's also reading Livy about the 7 kings of Rome, which is also kind of interesting. I heard an interesting story this morning about somebody who came to be know as 'Lefty' due to an elaborate series of events involving bravery and whatnot.

Lots of stories of bravery and betrayal and "best thing he ever did in life was the leaving of it."

Sort of interesting, actually, given what's going on in the world.

Okay. Now I must go think about the color orange.

I do like the painter, though. He's quite sympathetic. I wonder what color his house is.

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