Aslan is on the march

2006-02-24 - 10:01 a.m.


(There is no reason to say aha!. I just felt like it.)

So -- M has been busy in DC. It is very interesting to have two children, and to have them do the same thing, two years apart. It's true that N had no cell phone with her when she went to DC, so we had no way of speaking with her regularly. However, even if she had, I think it's fair to say we would have got nothing out of her. She did come back and tell us a few things. (She liked the Ford Theater, for instance). Generally, however, as little information as possible has always been her watchword.

With M, however, I get details -- ceilings at Library of Congress (N liked them too, to be fair), earrings at the mall where they ate lunch.


It is always interesting to hear things from M, though. When she was quite young we sent her to a day camp that had a lot of sports (I don't know what we were thinking). Anyway, she came home one day quite indignant. They had wanted her to do something -- something quite inscrutable that involved wearing some mitten. There was no way she was going to do it, because the mitten was very ugly and not at all the sort of thing a princess would wear. (I think they were trying to convince her it was a game for princesses.) We figured out they wanted her to play softball. Hmm. Another camp another year had, as a special treat, a field trip to a baseball game. Again, she came home quite outraged. Some kids got to go have ice cream, but other kids (and she was one) had to go talk to some men instead. It was quite unfair. Of course, what was really happening was that some kids got to go meet some baseball players, but since there were too many kids, some couldn't meet the players and were placated with ice cream. M would have preferred the ice cream.

Anyway, that's a little bit what's happening here. She seems most interested in taking pictures. The Smithsonian is kind of a bust because the glass cases make it hard to photograph the stuffed animals. Hmmm.

And, last night was back to school night for N., which was good. She seems to be doing well. Of course, the parents who go to these events are pretty much the parents of N's friends. This is a whole huge topic which I won't even get into. But it does mean that it's kind of nice -- the halls aren't too crowded, and you run into lots of people that you know and you even meet new parents who are parents of kids you've heard about but haven't ever met. It's nice.

And, as expected, in the case of the teacher who has rather unexpectedly left for the year, the vice principal came and spoke to us for 30 seconds and revealed nothing. But in N's English class we got the lowdown from her teacher on what's actually going on with the fight for more academic classes (for the kids of parents like us, I suppose.) I told him I really wished they'd offer a reasonable American lit class. He said he'd know more later, when they found out who would be teaching it. But that in general, the forces in favor of the school offering great classes that actually make kids think were growing stronger.

Aslan is on the march.

Oh, and there is more indecision regarding the bathroom sink, but there is hope for that particular battle as well.


Got to go.

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