2006-02-27 - 10:37 a.m.

You know, it was actually a pretty nice weekend.

Saturday, which was a beautiful day, N sat in the living room and did homework all day. I worked on my quilt, and pottered around a little (painted some splotches on other parts of the house just to see). Did some laundry. Went to the nursery for a few things. K went out to hear music, and I went to pick M up at the airport at midnight!

Sunday, which started out overcast and soone progressed to wild rain, I got the day laborers who did a great job laying the patio. Then, N had to take pictures (some would argue that this had better have been done on Saturday) so I dropped her and her friend E off at the landfill-which-is-now-a-park and met our old neighbors at our new house, which they've been wanting to see. I went to the store, and by the time I got back to pick up N it was absolutely pouring. They were utterly soaked, but had had a good time. So they came home and showered. Then E left and K came home and I cooked dinner and we watched the Olympics and Gray's Anatomy and went to bed. And M had a lovely day at home unpacking and setting up a zoo in her bedroom.

It was fun with the day laborers. They speak some English, but really not a lot. My spanish is fairly rudimentary. I asked them how to say 'rain,' and 'it's raining,' and they told me. "Lluvio" and "Hoy esta lloviendo." Then they asked how to say it in English, because they didn't know, either. One of them, German, is a remarkably patient teacher. He emphasized how the vowel changes, as if he know that would be complicated, or at least interesting. Apparently, they are from Guatemala, on the border with Mexico. If you look at a map, you'll see that this is actually a big area, but it looks like most of it is jungle, so they're probably from the pacific side. That's where the road goes through. I like them a lot.

Anyway. It was quite stormy last night, and it's still raining -- Nice, actually.

That is all.

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