2006-03-01 - 11:47 a.m.

Okay. Apparently they were small, just sort of close. K is sure we're okay.

Anyway, this cookbook mentions that pancakes are appropriate for Shrove Tuesday. So going on the guess that yesterday might have been Shrove Tuesday, we listened to Terry Gross interview Alain Toussaint while we ate pancakes last night for dinner.

Personally, I love having pancakes for dinner.

But otherwise there seems to be a small annoying cloud hanging over my head. It may have to do with my mother coming to visit. It is unkind of me to even mention this, and I know she means to help, and possibly she will be a help. Occasionally, though, she can require a lot of attention. Sometimes, her idea of helping is to want me to drive her all over creation looking for things I don't want that she wants to buy for me. Or to gnash her teeth about how complicated my life is. Actually, my life is not all that complicated. Or to make fun of me, or worse, feel sorry for me, for not having cleaned out -- I don't know, my closet -- for a year or so. This is what I am dreading.

Perhaps if she begins to drive me crazy, I will just tell her that she isn't being very helpful.

Hmmm. Perhaps I will just be frank. I won't even try to manage her.

Mostly I think she just wants to feel that she's a part of my life. I can certainly understand this. I can see myself in 20 years driving N similarly crazy by straightening up her dresser, just wanting some crumb of inclusion in her life.

But I do include her in my life -- really, I do. I just don't want to feel guilty about not wanting her to tut-tut over me.


Perhaps I should think about this frankness idea.

Anyway. It might make the visit less something-to-be-endured and more actually pleasant.


And I can't take a week and a half off work while she's here -- in fact, I can't really take any time at all.

In other news, M got straight As on her report card, except for a B+ in gym and an A+ in art. And we got her application in for camp, which was a major feat.

And N seems to be doing well, too. Although she had a history test today, and I'm not sure she really studied for it. She was up quite late writing something about the Etruscans for Latin, but that won't help her on her history test.

Anyway -- Now I'm going.

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