2006-03-02 - 10:20 a.m.

You know, I think I feel better!

There was an open house at LUPS for incoming 9th graders. I took M, who moped and hid behind her hair in each room. We even ran into her friend A, and she still didn't cheer up. But then we ran into our friends and their daughter and I explained to them the pain associated with her being seen, in public, in an embarrassing way (i.e. wityh me, I suppose), and she actually cheered up a bit, and then we talked a bit on the way home and it turned out she was actually paying attention after all.

And N was pretty cheery, too, and had done all her homework and even helped M with her math homework.

Then we went to bed.

But I think M has her schedule for next year figured out. They have a great art dept, which will be good for her. I realized last year how sad it made N not to have any art class. And she'll take Latin, and honors math, and adv. integrated science and hopefully, the good english and history. She may have to take pe, too, but that seems ridiculous to me. Which doesn't mean it isn't so.

And we may try to go skiing over the weekend while my mother is here.

Because after that comes the dreaded weekend of my sister's wedding ...

I realize that I am terrible and not very civic minded about my family and its doings, but if you knew them, you would understand. I actually do like them, which is to my credit, believe me. But a little goes a long way, especially when there are a lot of them clustered together.

Okay. Now I have serious work to attend to.


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