a list, terrifying in dimension and content

2006-03-03 - 12:43 p.m.

Okay, so I have a mammoth headache, BUT I have managed to take care of many horrifying details, including:

  • Meeting with the committee for a school potluck and finally getting that all nailed down. Hooray! Not exactly easy.
  • Retrieving mail from library (since we have no front steps and it can't be delivered).
  • Contacting the elusive history student teacher to confirm that someone from his class will be at the potluck. (I did this without being seen by easily embarrassed children, for which I get double points.)
  • Delivered the e-tree messages to the parent resource office at LUPS -- also not easy, since the parent resource lady keeps somewhat irregular hours. Like hours when I'm usually at work.
  • Got books from the library!
  • Did not get a parking ticket! (Double points).
  • Came to work and arranged another meeting!

Now I have to:

  • Call the Spain people about travel details for N.
  • Get some travel books and arrange Spain.
  • Figure out how to get the car fixed.
  • Send out email listing details for parent potluck.
  • Perhaps eat something, I think.

I think that may be it.

Okay! Go me!


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