full of biblical platitudes today ... must be expecting plagues

2006-03-07 - 11:12 a.m.

Well, here's another thing. I really am the sort of person who needs at least a little bit of time each day when she can sit on the couch and read or knit or do anything and not be talked to for a while.

It's hard enough with kids, although I admit that my kids also seem to need some of this kind of time. K seems to need it as well. I mean, sometimes it doesn't happen simultaneously, and that can be a problem. But generally it works out fairly well.

My mother is also generally this sort of person, too, but at this particular moment she isn't, and she wants to talk about all kinds of things with me -- cabinets, or packing, or what's going on with people we know.

That's going to get old, too --

Oh well. All things must pass, I suppose.

But I really confess that I am not very interested in which magazines she brought to P. when she was in the hospital. Although I am sorry that P was in the hospital, because I really like her.

Okay. I'm over it now.

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