worms are turning

2006-03-09 - 2:07 p.m.

Ha! The worm has turned and my mother is being helpful! Although she is convinced that my drier is broken due to its intelligent sensing feature. (heh heh heh).

Yesterday she cleaned the fridge, and today, apparently, she cleaned the silverware drawer and the cookie sheet drawer. According to M, who is now home, "there are a few things left out that we'll have to put away," but still!

The school potluck went well last night, despite half the teachers not showing up despite promising they would. We actually now know what to do about next year. (Take 7 AP classes is one option -- certain to send all concerned to the loony bin.) The food was nice. The cala lilies (only thing blooming in anyone's garden) were lovely. The parents were uniformly great. I am in love with N's English teacher (not really, but he's really smart and really dedicated, which is pretty attractive.). Plus, it is over, and I don't appear to have anything else looming until - oh, next Tuesday or so.

Also: my foot hurts. The weather is nice.

So there you have it --

So soon I'll go home and take M to riding. Then I have to come back to work for a bit more and then I'm pretty free until Monday.

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