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2006-03-10 - 10:10 a.m.

Hey! Things are moving ahead on the house! About 27 people are working on it, inside and out.


I've ordered a dumpster and told S, our contractor (yes, we have a contractor! One of them dropped out, and I secretly liked the other one better any way, so hooray!) what kind of flooring we wanted, and he's going to check with his cabinet guy, so we may not have IK*A cabinets after all.

It is very exciting.

Okay. Good bye.

Oh -- I know what I wanted to talk about. Contrary to what you might expect, sometimes having teenagers is actually really amazing and fun. In many ways, they really are a lot like 2 year olds, in that they have made a mammoth jump in independence and understanding, and while that can make them be giant pills, it's also really interesting. They're suddenly capable of a whole new level of thought -- grown up thought, really, and they think it's really interesting. And they're right -- it is really interesting! And being around them reminds you of that.

So that's good. And now I have to go pick my mother up. She's having breakfast with a friend from high school! She went to high school in North Dakota, but an old friend happens to live here. So --

And yesterday she drove to the grocery store by herself in our not automatic car. She is really the most capable person I know, but sometimes likes to pretend she's incapable of anything. It's an interesting quirk. But anyway, I know she was feeling a little odd about going to a strange restaurant by herself to wait for her friend, but I'm quite confident that it all went fine.

We shall see.

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