end is in sight

2006-03-14 - 11:08 a.m.

Well, things are bad, but I think we're all cheering up anyway.

My poor brother is experiencing extreme garden show stress. My mother was fussing because he hadn't called -- but of course, he hadn't called because he was buried in garden show stuff! And secretly, she was fussing because she didn't really want to be captured and dragged off to the garden show all morning.

So all that drama is a little bit good, because it means I'm sort of off the hook!

And I don't think we're going to this wedding. Really, I don't see how we can -- N and M both have papers due the day we're supposed to leave. I suppose it's possible that just I could go on Friday night and come back on Sunday am. That's a possibility. A horrible one, but one nonetheless.

And we're trying to organize Spain.

And the house! The house is going to be great! We met with the architect and the new contractor and I really think it will work. And the new contractor is already at work and it's going to be great. Hooray!

Also, I am sick.

Okay, and now I have to make a list. A real one, though, on paper.

You know, a good part of the reason K and I settled in California was that it was a way from both our families. I know it's fairly stupid behavior on my part -- it goes along with just agreeing and putting up until I really can't take it any more and then I blow up. We had no wedding because I really did not see how I could negotiate the wedding I would have wanted with the wedding my mother would have wanted me to have. We live here because I would not know how to negotiate living closer. K has his own reasons for wanting to be far away, too.

It's okay, but there are probably better ways to handle things.

But some people do live near their families, and it actually works. My neighbor, for instance --

I mean,what I'm really worrying about is my kids. I really don't want to drive them as crazy as my mother drives me.

But I really wonder if it is even possible --

It really works better when I'm on vacation --

Ho hum.

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